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hair color...

Oh yeah,it's here and we have it... and it's great ! uh,huh...Oh,yeah...that's right ...check it out !


What is Organic hair color ?


Organic hair color is color with no ammonia, no thioglycolates, no parabens, just to mention a few.


Organic hair color contains ingredients such as chamomile, vitamins C & E and other natural ingredients such as grapefruit and orange, that help maintain your hairs own essential moisture and protein levels to prevent and protect hair from becoming damaged by a coloring process. As haircolorists, we have discovered  superior gray coverage results and fantastic shine results with Organic hair color. We feel great about being able to offer this fantastic product to our clients today!


Peta certified, cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly and certified Organic. Of course..








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