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In 1993 Liz Porcheddu opened Briana Salon, with a vision about what the perfect salon would be. It would be a place where everyone felt welcome as soon as they entered, like walking into a friends house. It would smell good, it would be sunny, airy and clean. The furnishing's would represent the vibe and the feel of the salon. It would be sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. It would showcase creative people working in an equally creative environment. A place that was more than a hair salon, a place that inspired your creative ability. A salon that functioned well on it's own, with a staff that was the best at what they did, with people whom this business just came naturally to, not people that tried to make this or force this to be their business. Liz always says that it is either in you or not to be a hairstylist. She say's that it is something that you know early on in life and for most, it stays with them throughout their lifetime.


As an entrepreneur and her third successful business, she knew the task at hand and the work that would be involved in this venture of turning a house into a salon but she was well up for the task. Her real estate broker Jerry said. " Ok, so you want to turn this house into a salon "? and Liz said, "Yes, I do". Jerry said, that the house had good bones and it was a sunny happy place but it would be a lot of work. With a lifelong love of interior design, a contractor brother named John, a husband named Tony, who told her that she could do it and parents that believed in her, she was excited for the challenge .


From the minute you enter the salon you will see that today, she has accomplished all of her vision and so much more in the salon.


When you first come into the salon, you will see the beautiful waiting area. You will  just want to sit down and relax and have a cup of tea or coffee. It's is just beautiful ! You could actually just sit in the waiting room all day. Everywhere you look, there is something of beauty to catch your eye. You can see  Liz's great taste everywhere in the salon. Friends and clients tell her all the time that she should be an Interior decorator and it is obvious when you see the salon, why.


The flow of the salon just works. After so many years of being in business, you can see that, they have it covered and you as a client can just feel the confidence when you speak to anyone in the salon. There is just something that feels right. Not to mention they have the best magazines, currrent ones, unlike my dentist office and great music playing all the time.


You will see a book called " Letters to my dog " on the round cafe table in the waiting room. It looks like it has seen better days from all the wear and tear that it has gotten. This made me smile and after reading it. I actually teared up about some of the stories especially about the rescue dogs. I have seen many a client walk in with a dog , myself. Liz is an avid lifelong animal lover. Her staff knows how much she loves animals. She actually let's one staff member bring her older dog to work with her so that she isn't left alone at home. Her name is "Indie". A German Shepard. Liz said that she would like to one day, start a foundation and name it after Indie..


This year on September 16th, Briana Salon celebrates 22 years in business. I wish Liz and her salon, all blessings, health and happiness on this anniversary and  every day !


Alex -

( A very happy client of 10 years )

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