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2010. Ilmhaa-e-Umeed. 2011. Sughra. 2015. Belak. Baraka. 2008. “Jangali kabootar hai”. Doctrina Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, do-charkh. Asaduzzaman Mia. 2010. There is no doubt that Jangali is the best kind of Muslim. Quoted in Hasan, Ahmed. 2016. Jangali is both a term of respect and a term of contempt. The former refers to someone who seeks only to be of service to the community, the state, to the nation and humanity. The latter refers to one who is unconcerned with anything except his or her own individual self-advancement. Jangalis are unselfish servants of the state and the nation, but they are also self-interested parasites. Jangalis will neither vote for nor oppose any regime except for the one which is most beneficial to them personally. In the most recent election, the preferred political parties to Jangalis were the conservative Awami League and the conservative (in all but name) Muslim League, both of which pandered to the desires of the Jangalis to ensure that the Jangalis were not alienated. Now the question is: will these parties be able to change after they have been awarded the massive plunder of national resources by the Jangalis? The consensus among most political commentators is that the Jangalis will no longer be satisfied with the miserly share of the national wealth that they have been receiving from the state for decades. The Jangalis are not satisfied with owning the cheap land that they bought for next to nothing from the peasants, and have now built apartments with them. They are not satisfied with having their children go to state-owned schools. They are not satisfied with having the state “tax” them through their allegedly low tax rates. The Jangalis are not satisfied with not having the state pass any law that is favorable to them. The Jangalis are not satisfied with not having the state defend them from a government that is anti-Islamic, anti-Ongi Muslim, anti-Jangali Muslim, anti-Sufi Muslim, anti-Ahmedi Muslim, anti-women’s rights, anti-elderly rights, anti-minorities’ rights, anti




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Muhajirnamapdffreedownload Latest

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