Me and my girl, Kate

For two days, my arm has been in a sling. Torn rotator cuff from two years ago, which I fell on two nights ago, reinjured and not sure what else yet, until I get an MRI... Actually, I have a torn rotator cuff on each shoulder. I decided to not do surgery and manage both on my own. Today, I am using my left arm to hold my right's unlike anything I have experienced ever. I see people move their arms and I am in awe, thinking about how important my arm is to me and making promises to myself to never take my arm for granted for the rest of my life...There is something about your dog, when you are not feeling good, it's like they know. I came home from the Dr. yesterday and I swear she could tell. It's as if she looked at me and wanted to say, " don't worry Mom, you will be ok", Little did she know that I was thinking, how am I going to pick her up, to bring her outside? Kate weighs 10 lbs.We figured it out and then had a nice chill on the couch, while I caught up on my housewives that I had missed lately.

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