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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I have always had a passion for hair products. Products are exciting, the smell of a product that you like can make you happy, simply from the smell! but it's so much more than the smell...because if the product doesn't do what I need...I'm not interested. It needs to complete a thorough checklist in my opinion and here are some of my must have qualities, the texture, the smell, how well does the shampoo lather, how well and fast does it rinse off, does my hair feel clean after the shampoo is rinsed off, is it squeeky...or not ,can I comb through my hair without applying a leave in protector, just to get a brush through it, how do they hold up throughout they day, do they weight my hair down, do they make it shine, what does the packaging look like, how well designed and easy to use are the bottles / tubes, are they glass or plastic, will the tops stay closed , if I travel with them, does the company offer travel sizes, if plastic are they harming our landfills, does the company care about animals in our world, our earth, our health...does the company where I spend my money want to evolve, change with the times, get better ...This is what I want from hair care brands and manufacturers. I can tell you that being a Vegan salon owner has been frustrating due to the fact that my options for products to use for myself, on my clients and sell, ...shall I say, have been limited, for years, until now. I am really excited about what I am seeing today and I have noticed a big change in the last three years, a good change. There are lot's of companies getting on board, seeing the light, awakening to the fact that they do not need to harm animals by testing their products on them. No one should harm any animal to test any product ...there are other options. I don't want to use any product where an animal suffered for my vanity, do you ? We have other choices and we as salon owners and stylists also need to ask ourselves, what are we doing every day to prevent harm to animals and our earth and what message are we sending to our clients and the world about that ? I will be bringing you products that are vegan and cruelty free. These are products that I have personally tested and given my approval on before, bringing them to you. I am so excited about being able to share and talk to you about these products and so proud as a vegan not only share my finds with you but to tell you how great these products are...each and every one of the brands are unique in their own wonderful way. I want to say a very special thank you to all the companies who are on the vegan, cruelty free road, leaping bunny, Peta approved road. It is a long road that we have traveled thus far and I have a feeling that the best, is yet to come. I personally can't wait for it !We will all only get better with knowledge, age and time ! I love the path they we are on ...

Thanks for bringing these great vegan, cruelty free products to life !

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