Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I have three words to say. I love Seen! These products to date are the only haircare products, where my entire checklist has an X mark next to it. When testing these products, I was looking for something wrong, something I didn't like...searching but not finding. I love when a small company doesn't want to get too big. They just want to do it right. My philosophy is stay small and great. We don't need a big company, we need a great one. There is no need to offer 100 products, if the 6 that you have, do what we need. Seen offers a fragranced version and a fragrance free option, which in my opinion is a huge BRAVO. Thank you Seen for thinking about the people who don't want a fragrance, because they exist. SEEN, you have stolen my heart. There is nothing more to say...I will be selling Seen, here on my site as soon as I get my store set up. You can order it from me and I will ship it to your door.

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