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Briana Salon

111 High Ridge Road

  Stamford CT 06905

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              Briana Salon 

         111 High Ridge Road

         Stamford CT 06905

About Us.

At Briana Salon we are considered  and well known as experts in hair styling and hair color. Since opening in 1993 Liz Porcheddu, founder and CEO says she is very excited about the direction that the hair industry is moving towards, with Organic hair color options. We have lot's of great choices to offer our clients today !


As a salon, we have a lot of experience in hair color. As colorists, we are familiar with all of the latest and improved hair color available today. We are excited to  share our knowledge and expertise with our clients. As stylists we learn new things every day from our clients and from each other. We are inspired by each other.


As part of our commitment as a salon to live as healthy as possible and our commitment to our environment, we have options to offer the client that is looking to try or interested in Organic hair color as well as a selection of vegan hair care products for clients to use at home.


We are certified Organic hair colorists.


 "As a new client coming into the salon for the first time, we welcome you. We are looking forward to getting to know you. We know how important your hair is to you. We are thrilled in knowing that you will look great and feel great about your hair.

Liz Porcheddu

The Salon.


We love fashion.



As stylists we can not help but love fashion ! It goes hand and hand with what we do best. You, our clients inspire us every day and allow us to be creative. We thank you for the last 25 years of inspiring us, every day ....

We love bling...


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